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    Kill Zone, Wall of Shame, and Forum Announcements added


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    Kill Zone, Wall of Shame, and Forum Announcements added

    Post by PurpleTop240 on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:55 pm

    I just added a few new things to the forums to try and see if things work. The Forum Announcements is a way to see what new things are happening versus trying to figure it out on your own. I think it is a courtesy thing.

    The Kill Zone is for all people who race and have wanted to have a board for it. Here it is. All wins and losses will be put up with your user name. Must read rules and abide. It is just a nice way to see who is doing what and who is a better driver in some ways. Once again, please read the rules. If not you will be removed from the list and other consequences may apply.

    Wall of Shame, I think is just the best. It is a way to see what people have over looked and found out the hard way that they made a mistake. It happens to all of us. For the people who have had problems like that before it is your turn top sit back and laugh. obviously we are all human and make mistakes but it is nice to laugh at yourself let alone other people to make your build or struggles a little more relaxing.

    Enjoy these new features and stay safe on the streets. Cool


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