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    EVERYONE READ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    EVERYONE READ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty EVERYONE READ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by PurpleTop240 on Sun May 30, 2010 7:16 pm

    If you have a problem with someone take it somewhere else. This is a car forum not a place to start you next fight in the octagon. The trash talking is all in fun, if you want to take it to a stupid level then do it somewhere else. If someone thinks they can not hold their finger back from calling someone out for no reason then get off the forum now. If you choose to stay then you have some self control, self respect, and respect for others. If you can't do this I could careless to ban another name. Last thing GROW UP! People are going to do thing that you are not going to like, so what it is not you problem.

    EVERYONE READ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S13_4_10

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