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    dont buy an engine from these guys


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    dont buy an engine from these guys Empty dont buy an engine from these guys

    Post by hostile1 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:01 pm

    So I just got a 1jz from Tiger Japanese. I researched them a bit and didnt find much bad on them. Thier websight claims that they do compression checks on all motors before they send em out. It also states that they pride thierselves in quality and do not send out junk. Well, got the 1jz in for $2,050 shipped, First thing we did was do a compression check. 90-120-220-220-220-220. They will not honor thier warranty, they keep giving me the runaround. The best they said they can do is arrange shipping and I will have to pay $350 for the shipping and $500 for restocking fee. Beware!!! do not order a motor from these guys. I was kinda leary about ordering a motor from japanada anyway. dont make the same mistake I did.

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