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    Meet The Driver and a few mods


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    Meet The Driver and a few mods Empty Meet The Driver and a few mods

    Post by PurpleTop240 on Wed May 12, 2010 7:45 pm

    Meet The Driver
    Meet The Driver is a new addition to the forum. It gives the members, guests, and everyone else a chance to see who the people are in the tri-state that participate and attend events. The people who make it on the Meet the Drivers must fit the critiria in order to be on the forum. These spots are not open to just anyone.

    1.)Must have valid license
    2.)Must have own car
    3.)Must have at least attended four events in the 2010 year and have proof
    4.)Must have knoledge of ones own car (none of this, "I bought the car like this..."). It is fine if you have bought a car pre build, just have knowledge of what it has and acknowledge that someone else built it.

    More rules may be added at any time and all rules are subject to change.

    The mods are just little type-os and casing changes, nothing major.

    Meet The Driver and a few mods S13_4_10

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